Irob Border

Since the Eritrean invasion of the region, the continuity of the Irob people as an undivided entity in the Ethiopian setting is being threatened. This danger overtly started in 1998 when the Eritrean Armed Forces invaded and occupied part of the Irobland and some other Ethiopian territories. Learn more

Irob Abductees

The Eritrean armed force kidnapped more than 93 innocent civilians from the Irob-land when the region was under their occupation. Those abductees were not combatants. They were civilians in the countryside engaged in farming and cattle rearing. The whereabouts of these victims is still unknown to date. The traumatic effect of this heinous crime spills far beyond the victims themselves to their immediate families, relatives and the entire Irob community. Learn more

Youth Crisis & Migration

It can be said that the Irob youth gave up on Irob-land, but are they to be blamed? Besides what is described under “Border” section above, there are additional push and pull factors in play when it comes to the overall crises of Irob youth and their mass migration out of Irobland. Learn more