Notice Regarding Twitter Account

Dear IAA Audience:

Irob Advocacy Association wants to alert our audience that the twitter account with IAA name is compromised and the tweets and retweets by that account does not reflect the views of Irob Advocacy Association (IAA). This is particularly the case since November 2021.

We absolutely value integrity and strive to remain objective and factual. Unfortunately, the scarcity of information and the extremely polarized and emotionally tormented community since the war in Tigray started, paused difficulties to realize our good intentions and remain objective. We will do our best to discuss with the account manager but we hope for your understanding of the difficulty in the mean time hope, and we apologize for any inconveniences we might have caused.

As an advocacy organization, we will not shy away from exposing atrocities committed to our voiceless Irob minority, regardless of the actors. We absolutely denounce atrocities to anyone anywhere with the strongest possible terms. But we strive to do so with evidence and credibility, which has been a challenge since access to our people in Tigray has been impossible.

Thank you for your understanding!

Irob Advocacy Association

November 2021