Dear Audience of Irob Advocacy Association,

Irob Advocacy Association Global Support Group wants to alert our audience that not all IAA tweets and retweets in recent months represent the views of Irob Advocacy Association (IAA). This is especially the case in recent months.

We absolutely value integrity and strive to remain objective and true to the facts backed by evidence. Unfortunately, the scarcity of information and the extremely polarized and emotionally tormented community at this time of war is making it difficult to realize our good intentions. We are attempting to resolve the issue with the account manager, but it has been difficult due to the communication blackout, that made it impossible for the leadership to organize meetings and resolve issues of disagreements like this one. We hope you appreciate our difficulty and we apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused to you.

We will not back from exposing atrocities committed to our voiceless Irob minority population, regardless of who the actors might be, and we do denounce atrocities to anyone anywhere with the strongest possible terms. That said we want you to know that, we are a civil advocacy organization and by no means affiliated to any party politics.

Thank you for your understanding!

IAA GSG Manager

November 2021