This website has been established by Irob Advocacy Association (IAA) to house its web content and activities, and comprehensive facts about Irob. The website will be updated regularly with more information and additional services that will accommodate more interactions with the visitors and registered users. Stay tuned and keep visiting our website!

IAA dedicates the website to the heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price with their life to defend Irob (their homeland and people) and the innocent Irob civilians that were rounded-up in their homes and abducted by Eritrean forces over two decades ago.


Though the website contains general information about Irob in many sections, we thought providing a brief introduction about Irob from the outset could be helpful. Irob is found in North-Eastern Tigray, Ethiopia. The name Irob represents both the ethnic identity of the people and the land they live in. The usual appellation of the Irob people and land is “adoo’ha Irob, The Three Irobs, because of three subdivisions of the people and the area they inhabit. The northern part is called Adgadi-Are, the central part Buknaiyti-Are and the Southern part is Hassaballa (Hassaballa-Are). The town of Alitena, the first host of modern education in Ethiopia, was traditional capital of Irob until two decades ago. In 1996, the then government of Tigray moved the Irob capital from the historical Alitena town to a place called Dawhan, about 6 Km south west of Alitena. Learn more about Irob


Irob Advocacy's vision is to see an economically empowered vibrant united Irob, where all rights are fully upheld.

Irob Advocacy envisions Irob society fully aware of its rights, history, culture, and social values. Hence, it strives to preserve Irob’s social values and its group identity. IAA’s aspiration is to see all democratic, political, economic, and human rights are upheld in Irobland and to all Irobs, wherever they might be.

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Irob Advocacy's mission is to empower Irob people through research and advocacy to ensure the vision is realized. IAA shall work so that safety and security of Irobs are guaranteed and shall monitor that all rights are upheld. IAA promotes the “concept of unity in diversity” in Ethiopia and peaceful co-existence with all neighboring peoples.

IAA strives for emergence and flourishing of united Irob community with strong socio economic and democratic foundations. Hence, IAA will work to preserve the right of Irob minority’s indivisibility which is a matter of survival as a cohesive community.

IAA uses the following four common tools of advocacy mechanisms to achieve its mission: organizing, lobbying, educating and court litigation.

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